The Darkbane Warders

Crying Wolf

Following the meet with the leaders of the Bloodhammer clan and their unusual truce the heroes had a short while to reconnect with goings on at the keep and reorganize in light of latest developments. This downtime was cut short by the arrival of Tobias, the party’s contact with the Gilneas Liberation Front, who had braved a journey through enemy territory to seek the help of the Warders once more. He informed the party and their associated allies of a new Forsaken weapon being implemented on the battlefronts, a virulent poison capable of completely nullifying the regenerative features of the Worgen. Without the ability to quickly recover from wounds in the field the Front had been taking severe losses and was being pushed back, and thus Tobias was sent to seek aid from allies to the south. With old allies in danger and the threat of greater Forsaken attention in Arathi should the Gilneans falter, the party flew north to meet with the Worgen.

Upon their arrival the party was shown to the research tents where the accumulated priests, alchemists, and healers of the liberation front were trying without success to find a way to stop the poison’s debilitating effects. The gathered experts were baffled by the poison, claiming it to be an extract of doomweed imbued with some kind of unknown magic that gave the substance its unique properties. The assorted healers of the party went to work, diving into the research materials and directing the efforts of the researchers in new ways. With stunning speed the heroes managed to cobble together an effective short term antidote that would protect the fighters out in the field. Furthermore while assisting the more conventional healers magically, Mari stumbled upon a magical insight: The poison was connected to the blade missing from the tomb of Stromgarde, and the blade was somewhere nearby with its proper owner.

After sharing this insight with the commanders of the Liberation post the Worgen agreed to help hunt out the location of Galen Trollbane once they’d produced enough of the antidote to protect their scouts from the poison, and to end his unlife once he’d been found. Within a few days of frenzied medicine production the scouts managed to get out into the field and locate Galen at the rear guard of the Forsaken force.

That evening the party accompanied a large Worgen raiding party through the outskirts of the Silverpines, lead by a junior lieutenant while the main force got into position to distract the bulk of the Forsaken defenders. Once the battle had gotten underway the heroes cut their way through the surprised Forsaken guard to the base of the hill that served as the head of the encampment, where they were met with a pair of hideous abominations which attempted to consume the group of them whole in defense of the Prince. After cutting through (and in some cases out of) the monsters the party managed to forge up to the hilltop and past strewn corpses of both Forsaken and Worgen, where they arrived in time to see Tobias and Lord Bartholameau felled by Galen’s elite guard. The ensuing fight was quickly turned to a rout before the party’s unleashed powers (and a well timed critical hit). After a last word from the re-dying Galen the party claimed the sword, and managed to save their two Worgen allies before making a hasty retreat from enemy territory.



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