Unique Arcane Familiar

MMDBS (Mechanical Medical Diagnostic Battle Squirrel)

While Gizbat is near Salendra she gains a +2 bonus to Heal checks and all rolls of Restoration Rituals. Gizbat has no active mode, may move any distance from Salendra while in passive mode, and may move with a speed of 6 when she takes a move action.

Once per encounter Gizbat may be commanded into attack mode as a minor action, immediately striking a target adjacent to him that Salendra has hit that turn, with an attack for 3 (6 at 11, 9 at 21) damage and causing that creature to grant combat advantage until the end of Salendra’s next turn.

Mass Combat-When Gizbat is near Salendra, he grants her a +2 bonus to heal checks. He may roam the battlefield at will to carry supplies, messages, explosives, etc.


Beep. Beep beep beep. Beep whirr beep! Beep beep? Beep beep beep beep.


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