Kerdan Drakefang

Mercenary Leader


Human Barbarian
Leadership: Kerdan’s menacing presence whips undisciplined mercenaries into line under his command. He grants +1 to Atk and HP of Mercenary units he leads and all Mercenary units in his army are treated as not having Cowardice during battles.


Kerdan is the leader of the self named ‘Drakefang Band’, a group of highly experienced sell swords based out of the Redridge Mountains. The band is locally famous for their expertise in combat and willingness to take on almost any mission for the right price. Kerdan has a reputation for being particularly mysterious and cunning, speaking little but enacting ruthless plans to accomplish his goals, and enhanced by his penchant for tribal decor which includes the long claws of a black drake bound to a leather cord worn around his neck.

Kerdan Drakefang

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