Maricella Elise Desmarais-Kingsley


Maricella Desmarais-Kingsley
Level 8 Human Wizard-Cleric

Initiative: +9 ||Speed: 6
HP: 55 || Bloodied: 27
SurgeVal: 13 || Surges: 7

AC: 24 || Fort: 19
Ref: 23 || Will: 22

Str 9 || Con 13
Dex 12 || Int 22
Wis 16 || Cha 10

Attacks (+13)

  • Phantom Bolt: Ranged 10 (Will). Hit: 1d8+16 Psychic damage and slide one square.
  • Beguiling Strands. Friendly Blast 5 (Will). Hit: 7 Psychic damage and push 3.
  • Grasping Shadows. Burst 1 Ranged 10 (Will). Hit: 1d8+16 Psychic damage and slowed until end of my next turn. Effect: Area becomes a zone, anything that enters zone takes 4 Psychic damage and is slowed until end of its next turn.
    Color Spray. Burst 5 (Will). Hit: 1d6+10 Radiant damage and dazed until end of my next turn.
  • Charm of the Defender. Ranged 10 (Will). Hit: Slide 3 squares and immobilize. Until start of my next turn the charmed creature is your puppet and melee basic attacks each enemy adjacent when they begin their turn with a power bonus to attack and damage equal to my implement bonus (+2). Miss: Slide target 3 squares.
  • (Tome of Readiness) Charm of Misplaced Wrath. Ranged 10 (Will). Hit: Slide target 3 squares and it is dazed until the end of my next turn. Effect: Target makes a melee basic attack against an enemy of my choice with a +2 bonus on the damage roll.
  • Phantom Chasm. Friendly Area 1 Ranged 10 (Will). Hit: 2d6+16 Psychic damage, the target falls prone and is immobilized until end of my next turn. Miss: Half damage and prone. Effect: Burst remains until end of encounter, any enemy that enters it falls prone.
  • Tasha’s Forcible Conscription. Ranged 10 (Will). Hit: Target is stunned until the start of my next turn, effect ends if target is attacked. Aftereffect: Target makes a basic melee attack against a target of my choice as a free action. Miss: Target is dazed until end of my next turn, ends if target is attacked.
  • Black Hole: Area 2 Ranged 10 (Will). Hit: 3d6+16 psychic damage and stunned. Miss: Half damage and dazed.


  • Mage Hand (At-will). Ranged 10. Move an unattended object.
  • Light (At-will). Create an area of light.
  • Suggestion (Encounter). Replace Diplomacy check with Arcana check.
  • Spook (Encounter). Replace Intimidate check with Arcana check.


  • Healing Word. One creature in Burst 5. Target spends a healing surge and gains additional HP equal to 1d6+3.
  • Elan Heritage. Immediate Interrupt on Damage. Reduce damage taken by Int modifier.
  • Light’s Sigil. Immediate Interrupt on Damage. Reduce damage taken by 5+ 1/2 level.
  • Shield. Immediate Interrrupt on Hit. +4 AC and Reflex until end of my next turn.
  • Emerald Eye. Minor Action. Gain a +2 to Will attacks and +5 to Insight against one target within 10 squares until the end of my next turn.


  • Acrobatics +5
  • Arcana^ +15
  • Athletics +3
  • Bluff +4
  • Diplomacy^ +9
  • Dungeoneering +7
  • Endurance +5
  • Heal +7
  • History^ +15
  • Insight^ +12
  • Intimidate +4
  • Nature^ +12
  • Perception +7
  • Religion^ +15
  • Stealth +5
  • Streetwise +4
  • Thievery +5


  • Initiate of the Faith
  • Elan Heritage
  • Ritual Caster
  • Staff Expertise
  • Improved Initiative
  • Psychic Empowerment
  • Unarmored Agility

Class Features

  • Spellbook
  • Cantrips
  • Tome of Readiness


  • Mystic Conversion
  • Comrades’ Succor
  • Tongues
  • Enchant Magic Item
  • Disenchant Magic Item
  • Cure Disease
  • Remove Affliction
  • Raise Dead


  • Light’s Sigil (Harper’s Pin). Encounter, Interrupt: Reduce damage taken from an attack by 5+1/2 level.
  • Lucky Charm. Daily, Interrupt: Roll 1d6 then add it to a d20 roll you made.
  • Resplendent Gloves. Increases damage of attacks that target Will by 2. If the attack was an * Illusion gain combat advantage against one enemy damaged by the attack.
  • Alluring Veil. Encounter, Standard: Appear as another humanoid, may change clothing and accoutrement. Daily, Interrupt: Reroll a missed encounter or daily charm or illusion power.
  • Demise’s Staff of Ruin (Eberys Shard of the Mage)
  • Neclace of Prayer Beads
  • Staff
  • Holy Symbol
  • Holy Tome
  • Robes
  • Adventurer’s Backpack

Maricella stands taller than average for a human, just a couple inches shy of six feet in height. A cascade of broad chestnut curls flows down her back to stop just before her waist, carefully pulled back from her deep blue eyes to frame a youthful face that couldn’t be but just into its twenties. Her figure is broad and buxom, wide at the hips, long in the legs, and full in the breasts, soft around the edges in a way that is vibrantly healthy but hardly athletic. The woman’s clothing is well tailored and maintained, each garment fits her form in a snug but comfortable manner and exactly sized to her proportions.

At her waist is a belt of fine leather which bears a multitude of bulging pouches, bags, and holsters, most of which are intricately embroidered with images or runes. Around her neck is a number of fine chains, each of them bearing a religious symbol: a gold and mithril sunburst sigil of the Light, a truesilver crescent of Elune, and an oaken loop that has been carved into an intricately knotted circle. Upon her ring finger is an intricate golden wedding band on which is set an inordinately large diamond.

Maricella Elise Desmarais-Kingsley

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