Seelie Byron


Warpriest Build
Level 1 Cleric

Age: 31
Height: 5’ 9"
Size: Medium
Deity: Amaunator (THE LIGHT)
Alignment: Lawful good

AC: 18
Fort: 15
Ref: 14
Will: 17
HP: 28 (bloodied 14)

Init: 1
Speed: 5
Passive Insight: 20
Passive Perception: 15

STR: 10
CON: 16
DEX: 12
INT: 8
WIS: 20
CHA: 10

Acrobatics -2
Arcana -1
Athletics -3
Bluff 0
Diplomacy 5
Dungeoneering 5
Endurance 0
Heal 10
History 4
Insight 10
Intimidate 0
Nature 5
Perception 5
Religion 4
Stealth -2
Streetwise 0
Thievery -2

Gear: Heavy Shield, Chainmail, Mace

Sun domain features: +2 to death saving throws

Devout Protector Expertise
Shielding Word

At-Will Powers:
Melee basic attack (+3, 1d8 damage)
Blessing of Battle
Brand of the Sun
Sun’s Glow

Encounter Powers:
Smite Undead
Sun Burst
Healing Word
Heroic Effort
Soothing Light

Daily Powers:
Moment of Glory

Special Powers:

  • Seelie may use her Soothing Light channel power once per encounter without consuming her use of channel divinity.
  • Sunburst. Daily Power. Close Burst 5. Each enemy in burst. Hit: 1d10 + wisdom radiant damage (damage increases as Turn Undead). You may push any undead struck a number of squares equal to 3+Charisma modifier in addition to making it immobilized until the end of your next turn. Miss: Half damage to normal targets, undead take full damage but are not pushed or immobilized. Effect: Allies in the burst gain temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Seelie Byron

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