Power Up Abilities


  • Healing Word: Mari gains her Healing Word power as an encounter ability, rather than a daily one and adds her Wisdom modifier to the healing done.
  • Black Hole: Daily Power. Area burst 2 within 20. Standard Action. All creatures in burst. Intelligence vs. Will. Hit: 2d6+Intelligence damage and creatures are stunned for one round. Miss: Half damage and dazed for one round. This ability gains an additional 1d6 damage every 5 levels Mari possesses.


  • Gizbat: Gains Gizbat as a unique arcane familiar. While Gizbat is near Salendra she gains a +2 bonus to Heal checks and all rolls of Restoration Rituals. Gizbat has no active mode, may move any distance from Salendra while in passive mode, and may move with a speed of 6 when she takes a move action. Once per encounter Gizbat may be commanded into attack mode as a minor action, immediately striking a target adjacent to him that Salendra has hit this turn with an attack for 3 (6 at 11, 9 at 21) damage and causing that creature to grant combat advantage until the end of Salendra’s next turn.
  • Divine Hymn: Daily Power. Close Burst 5. Standard Action. You and any allies in the burst may spend a healing surge and make a saving throw.


  • Marius receives a +1 sacred bonus to all defenses.
  • Blades of Retribution. Melee Weapon. Standard Action. Strength vs. AC. Hit: [2W]+Strength radiant damage and the target is weakened until the end of Marius’ next turn. Effect: A burst of holy power erupts from Marius’ blade, summoning weapons of light in a burst 3 around him which subject all enemies within to his divine sanction until the end of his next turn.


  • Seelie may use her Soothing Light channel power once per encounter without consuming her use of channel divinity.
  • Searing Radiance. Daily Power. Close Burst 2 (3 at 11, 5 at 21). Standard Action. Each enemy in burst. Wisdom vs. Will. Hit: 1d10 + wisdom radiant damage (damage increases as Turn Undead). You may push any undead struck a number of squares equal to 3+Charisma modifier in addition to making it immobilized until the end of your next turn. Miss: Half damage to normal targets, undead take full damage but are not pushed or immobilized. Effect: Allies in the burst gain temporary hit points equal to your Wisdom modifier.


  • Golem Legs. Uruz gains a +3 bonus on Athletics checks involving running and jumping and a +5 bonus on saves against the slowed condition.


  • Experimental Soldier. McSars is immune to the dominated condition and cannot be directly detected by divination rituals.

Power Up Abilities

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