Rules Alterations

Critical Strikes
When you land a critical strike with a weapon you add a number of d6 equal to the enhancement bonus you receive on your attack to the critical damage as bonus damage. This is to emulate the normal critical damage bonus of magical weapons.

Magic Weapons, Armor, and Defensives
When you wield a magic weapon or wear a magic defense item treat its enhancement bonus as your bonus to attacks and damage for the purposes of any properties or powers. Magic items of these kinds are not presented with bonuses, they are ‘Fiery Bows’ or ‘Contingency Robes’. The cost of such a magic item is equal to a +3 version of that item or the lowest value for the weapon available, whichever is higher.

(Discussion) Since we are using the inherent bonus rules characters naturally scale up with the expected ‘necessary’ increases to attacks and all defenses expected of a character of their level. These rules are usually in place for settings with low to no magic, however for this game we are using them as a means to simplify the character management process. The goal with equipment for this game is to keep it simple and interesting, going from a +1 to a +2 sword isn’t very interesting but choosing between a ‘Fiery’ sword and a ‘Quick’ sword is. This allows for ‘necessary upgrading’ caked into the system, reduces book keeping, and allows you to maintain your favorite weapon effect(s) for a long time, or even your whole career.

Character Creation
Create your character at the level of the party, no theme or background. You gain your power up abilities if your character has them. You begin play with a bag of holding containing all your basic adventuring gear plus the essential weapons and armor that you use.

Characters use standard point buy rule, discuss race with the DM. In order to keep your character’s feel in his/her stats you have an additional five character points to place in non-primary stats to flesh out your character’s feel (for example Paladins usually dump Int, but Marius is pretty smart so he’ll probably throw some of his points there to flesh up his brainpower, etc.)

We’ll be using the dark sun rules for inherent character improvements, so magic items are going to be a little less common and focus on interesting utilities, powers, and noncombat bonuses. Expect less magical treasure but for each item to be more significant (since we’re weening out the ‘requirement upgrades’).

Rules Alterations

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